Acronis True Image 2014 beta download with Serial Key (Official)


Acronis True Image 2014 beta is now available for download with official serial key. True image is one of best backup and recovery software for your PC or Laptop. Software is generally too costly but beta version license is officially distributed among its user, along with 250GB cloud space free of cost.

Acronis True Image allows its user to backup system partition and data to other partition or external storage device or directly to cloud storage that assigned to your Acronis account securely manually or via schedule backup option.

Acronis True Image 2014 special backup features

> Three types of backup scheme: Full, Incremental and Deferential
> Sector by sector backup option
> Pre/Post command
> Split image into CD, DVD, BR-DVD or even in custom mode
> Add screenshot
> Advance Error handling
> Schedule Shutdown while backup completes
> Run backup process via Different user access
> Set compress limit and processing priority
> Add exclusion file extension wise


Acronis True Image 2014 Beat features

Backup and Recover
Backup partition, folder even file in few minutes and use them to recover system as well as precious data.

Acronis True Image Home 2014 beta comes with 1250BG of cloud backup free of cost so sync data from your computer to Acronis Cloud to make them available in case you system becomes unstable.

Acronis True Image 2014 beta

Perform and unsafe operation in Try mode and decide whether to applly or revert it

Copy Partition
Easily Clone partition from one disk to another

Protection Tool
Rescue Media Builder: Create rescue media to boot and computer if it becomes unstable or unbootable
Startup Recovery Manager: If Windows becomes unstable, Press F11 at startup and recover Full windows system along with data.
Acronis Secure Zone: A special secure partition for storing backup files
Boot Sequence Manger: Boot your System from a Disk Image

Security & Privacy
System Cleaner: Clean Computer usage History
Acronis DriveCleaner: Permanently delete data from old partition or whole disk
Drive Shredder: Secure and Truly distribution of files and folder

Backup Setting Transfer: Simply create a file with backup settings and transfer it to another computer

Disk Management
Add new Disk: Create new partition in newly added HDD to further use for backup
Acronis Extend capacity Manager: Use more than 2-TB HDD even if OS doesn’t support it.

Backup Conversion: Convert Acronis backup to Windows Backup and vice-verse

Image Mounting: Now simply mount backup image and access it as normal windows disk


How to get Acronis True Image 2014 Beta Serial Key

Acronis True image 2014 is now available in beta testing mode so you don’t have to pay for its full version serial code. Just follow tutorial to grab the offer.

♦  Go to official license giveaway page and ‘Join’ the beta testing program.

Acronis True Image 2014 beta serial key

♦   Now Register for a new account and Check your registered mail id and confirm it.

♦   After few seconds, True image online storage details and Acronis True Image 2014 beta serial number will be sent to that mail id.

♦   Copy Serial number in safe place and visit: My Account and login to your account

♦   And Visit: this link and press big Green Download button to download the software.

Acronis True Image 2014 beta download

♦   Put license number at installation time and continue your data backup to keep peace of mind.


Beta testing mode will not be available for long time so hurry to collect the license code and note as it’s in beta testing mode so backup or recover may crush anytime or there wouldn’t be any issue in future but make sure as soon as you start using the software check online if update is available and keep it updated to bypass any accidental crush.


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