Bot Revolt Anti-Malware 6-Month License Key for FREE

Bot Revolt Anti-Malware is an extra layer of security for your computer, sometimes only the Anti-Virus in your computer/laptop doesn’t ensure system maximum security and stability as hundred or thousand of malwares are developing every days, An Anti-Malware which works with your current anti-virus software and has low system recourse consumption may protect your system from every know and unknown online threats.

Bot Revolt, a powerful Anti-Malware gives you full control over the information that goes out of your computer.It shows all of your computers connections in real-time preview panel, and it blocks illegal and harmful connections every .002 seconds.

Bot Revolt and your current installed Antivirus or Internet Security may be a perfect security combination which may give you ultimate protection against almost all different malicious codes. You get full control over all incoming and outgoing connections in/from your Windows system.

Software periodically updates and collect all current signature and detect bad connections whenever it try to connect to your system, you get a realtime preview of connected connection over the internet to your system on a clear preview board and it blocks any suspicious connections and you may also manually control each connections.

Bot Revolt Anti-Malware

Special feature is “Private Browsing”, just enable it and remain undetected from internet bad users as well as protect you identity thus you can maintian you full privacy over internet. Bot Revolt stops viruses and malware before they attack. List Manager contains and updates all latest detected Malware, Anti-Spyware, Scams/Spams to build a strong shield by always monitoring system connection and detecting bad connections from the range of updated list.

Software uses latest database of trusted programs and program behavior so the Bot Revolt can make security decisions safely and automatically. It monitors program installation, registry and file changes, keyboard and mouse code control, and other potentially dangerous behaviors.

How to get Bot Revolt Anti-Malware 6 Months Serial Number for FREE

Anti-Malware generally costs $29.70 for 1 Year full version license code. A limited time giveaway is serving software with 6 months genuine license code and you get future upgrade for free. We recommend you to install this software and this is a must have software mainly to add an extra layer of online data and privacy protection.

Let’s get software, Follow steps bellow carefully:
1. Now visit Facebook giveaway page (Expired)
2. Like two pages to enter in license registration page.
3. Now select 2nd option: “Get Bot Revolt Anti-Malware (6-Month)”
4. Fill up registration form with mail and full name
5. Check registered mail for unlock code
6. Now download Bot Revolt Anti-Malware 13MB setup file and install
7. Put serial number while it asks for during installation
8. Post installation setup updates and relevant setting and update software signature

Now enjoy 180 days of strongest online protection from  Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware and we highly recommend this software if your are using Anti-Virus.